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I'm working as a 🚀 UI / UX Designer & Dev at Kylo Apps in India. I've been designing and building websites 👨‍💻 for leading tech and startup businesses for the last 5 years.

I also work as a freelance UI/UX designer and developer with a focus on developing user-friendly and appealing experiences.

In order to provide the finest final product, I worked very closely with my clients to gain an in-depth overview of their projects or brand.

For project inquiries & collaborations - vikalpkaushik99@gmail.com

Reasons to join me at Medium?

1. Learn, enjoy & gain the fundamental knowledge of User Interface Design.

2. Learn about the user and product needs, and find a problem to solve.

3. You’ll learn more than just design skills.

4. Increase your potential.

5. Make a difference in the lives of your users.

Want to know from the beginning

It all started 5 years ago when I saw some amazing websites which inspired me to make one.

Then I decided to teach myself web design.

I watched a few tutorials at the start and learned how to code HTML & CSS, also took the web development online course from Udemy.

A few months later, I took a UI and UX design course because I am interested in making clean and functional front-end screens or interfaces.

At the start, it was very challenging but with practice, practice, and practice I improved myself every day and my skills started growing.

Worked in a couple of companies or organizations, and built several real-world projects or products which gave me exposure to this industry.

I want to give back to the community by assisting other aspiring designers in finding work in the field.

Play "The UI Game" and test your design skills.

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Vikalp Kaushik

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